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Polish Pottery History


Polish Pottery, also known as Polish Stoneware or Boleslaweic Stoneware, began as a folk art perhaps as early as the 7th Century.  This time-honored tradition continues today.  A fine-grain clay is mined from a riverbed in Boleslaweic, Poland specifically for making Polish Pottery.  When combined with water and other materials, and fired at high temperatures, an unusually durable form of pottery is created.  The pottery is oven, microwave and dishwasher safe.  Manufaktura Company has also developed special glazes that add to the functionality and durability of the pottery.


Our pottery designs fall into four groups: 

Traditional Series:

These designs are the simplest in design and color.  They have white rims.  They are the least expensive.  The design below is called "Peacock" and is a very commonly found design in Polish Pottery. 


UNIKAT Series:

UNIKAT designs are considered "one-of-a-kind" or unique designs.  These patterns are more complex and have more colors. They have blue or green rims.  It's easy to see that the design shown below, Forget Me Nots, is more delicate and intricate than those seen in the traditional design group. 


 Signature Series:

Signature patterns are designed and painted by master artists.  These more colorful and complex patterns require even more skill and time to paint.  Colors and designs of each piece reflect the artist's vision.  Pottery in this group have blue or green rims and the backs of the plates are painted.  They are signed by each artist. Posies, the design shown below, is one of our most popular signature designs.


Premier Series:

Premier designs are the most elaborate and are also designed by master artists.  These patterns have all of the attributes of the Signature series with many colors and motifs incorporated into the designs.  They have blue rims and painted backs.  Each is signed by the artist.  At this time, we offer the three premier designs below. They are Robin, Blue Bird and Butterfly Bliss.





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