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Fiber Art

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Judy Ferguson, Fiber Artist

After working for many years as an oil painter, I made a transition to Fiber Arts.  Learning a new medium is equivalent to learning a new language; not just expression on a flat, two-dimensional surface, but entering the world of actual texture.  Several years were spent learning the basics of quilting and exploring the possibilities of diverse commercial and hand-dyed fabrics.  My alphabet is a basic knowledge of the elements of art and principles of design.  Now communicating through tactile structure and color; most of my work is representational with elements of the surreal.  Exploring the world of the third dimension and finding the journey quite challenging has been an enriching experience.  The introduction of the mediums of paint, thread, and embellishment only enhances this experience.  My desire is to bring enjoyment and thoughtful contemplation, whenever Possible.  I am a Docent at the Springfield Art Museum, presenting an opportunity for teaching young people the elements of art in design.

I am a member of Studio 55 Fine Arts Guild for adults over the age of 55, which has brought the realization that an artist can bet better with age.  Continued education in the golden years, keeps my world a wondrous place.  New mediums and techniques make the "pursuit for excellence" endless......Judith Ferguson

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